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The BOOK Dancing-you or Dançar-te is a passionate tale written
in the shape of poems.
Each poem is a moment of a story swaying through metaphors and literals of dance, myths, and philosophic thoughts. Bringing in mythological tales and gods, pagan beliefs, romance, spirituality, and mysticism.

A magical book, exquisitely crafted and illustrated in watercolor and simultaneously displayed in two languages, Portuguese and English.

For the love of art
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  1. Dancing-you  Dançar-te
    Dancing-you Dançar-te
    Dancing-you Dançar-te
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        BookIllustrations by Boricean Ecaterina Gabriela

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About the Author
Gisela Pereira
Gisela Pereira is a poet, screenwriter, and film Producer/Director especially influenced by mysticism and romanticism, a passion for both mythology and folklore, as well as a fascination for philosophy, spiritual realms, theology, paganism, cosmology, and physics.

Gisela is also a language teacher with a love for words and language structure, grammar, and teaching.

Gisela studied dance and performing arts since a young age. She moved to NYC where she studied method acting and started the development of her film production "The Otherworld".

She now lives in England where she completed a Masters degree in Film & TV Production.